How to avoid File Analysis in command line version

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#1 : 23/09-13 02:24
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It seems that file analysis takes a lot of time when adding a large number of files in the GUI.
I understand you can cut that part by pressing Cancel in the "File Analysis" dialog box.
But is there a global setting to preventively turn off that file analysis sequence?

More importantly, is there a way to turn off that analysis in the command line arenc.exe as it seems to take hell of a time when doing bulk rename on large number of files?

Thank you for your help.


23/09-13 02:24
#2 : 23/09-13 08:27
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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What kind of files are you working with? I am working with a way to delay the analysis of media files until the information is actually needed. Video files already do this. Image files will use this approach as well in a future version. This should speed things up for those who don't need the media information.

23/09-13 08:27