"file already exists" error

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#1 : 17/07-10 18:12
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What is this message trying to tell me? I have a group of photos, and I'm changing a sequence number (shifting the sequence to shuffle in some overlooked photos). It's not that a pre existing file name is being duplicated because there are other duplicate names that aren't being tagged with that error...

17/07-10 18:12
#2 : 18/07-10 10:25
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
It means that an existing file already have the name you are trying to assign to that particular file. It might not be a problem at the time of the rename because that file might be included in the batch and will get a new name before the file that yields the error gets renamed.
You might need to assign a temporary name to the files first. Eg. you can add a _ to the end of all files in one batch and then do the sequence number shifting and removing of the _ in another batch.
I hope this helps you.

18/07-10 10:25