[FEATURE REQUEST] Add an option to disable File Analyzing when adding files

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#1 : 17/11-13 15:15
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First, thank you for developing this great software! I especially love its RegEx support.

I like to request a feature. When adding a lot of media or picture files, AdvancedRenamer takes a long time to analyze them. It wastes time if you only want to rename files base on their filenames, not their meta data. So I hope you consider to add an option to disable File Analyzing when adding files. Thank you in advance.

EDIT: It seems there is already a similar request. Sorry for being duplicate.

17/11-13 15:15 - edited 17/11-13 15:23
#2 : 18/11-13 08:48
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
When adding video files, the analysis is postponed until the information is actually needed. The same feature will be available for image files one day.

Duplicate feature requests is okay (as long as it is not every day). It helps me determine how many users will benefit from the particular request.

18/11-13 08:48