Rename using EXIF information causes resource leaks

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#1 : 29/11-13 20:08
Gleb Popov
Gleb Popov
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When trying to rename a lot of files using EXIF tags <ExifTool:CreateDate>.<ExifTool:FileType> I have found that I can't proceed more then 10 files at once.
If I try to proceed more files at once (20/50/100), I get a lot of processes conhost.exe & exiftool.exe and they get my system out of memory.

By the way, although I have successfully finished one of portions and exited program normally, above mentioned processes conhost.exe & exiftool.exe are still in memory (more than 50 instances of each).

My computer is Acer Revo 3600 nettop, Atom 330 processor, 2Gb RAM, Windows 7 Home Basic. I have Kaspersky Internet Security 12.0 as my antivirus program.

P.S. Program's usability is quite good, but I have to proceed more than 2000 files. I think this will take too long time to do it by 10 files at once.

P.P.S. Forgive me for poor English.

29/11-13 20:08