"Undo previous batch" improvement potential

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#1 : 10/12-13 07:03
Brian Carroll
Brian Carroll
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First off, brilliant program. It has numerous features that I have only see in paid software. I have messed with this software for a few months and find that it fits all of my needs, save one.

When clicking "undo previous batch", the window populates and it shows me all of the different file names that I have created, with a time stamp showing when I did it. The only option that is provided is to undo one of the batches.

What I would like to see is an additional feature that allows me to reference those previous batches to ensure that a file can not be renamed the same as previously done. This feature already exists for individual batches by adding the _001 or user created separators when a name conflict occurs. But it does not reference the previous batches.

That means that I could rename a pdf to "test.pdf" today, and then tomorrow in a different session, rename another file to "test.pdf", and it will not add the _001 because they were not renamed in the exact same batch.

I have a different renaming program for work that provides this feature. It is outdated, slow, and can only use microsoft excel to rename. It is a shell compared to what AdvancedRenamer offers, but the program references every batch that I have done since I purchased it in 2005. If I have ever renamed a pdf to "test.pdf", it will instead rename it to "testDUP1.pdf" or "testDUP2.pdf, making it impossible to ever have two like files on the system.

10/12-13 07:03