Multiple Methods for different file extensions

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#1 : 31/12-13 07:12
martin connolly
martin connolly
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I hope I haven't missed something or duplicated a post ...

I use AR mainly for moving images from camera to storage and it's great.

The only improvement I could suggest is that I'd love a method for photos and a different method for videos, since I like to do the transfers all in one go ( :) )

So there would be two methods and one would 'automatically' work for JPGs and the other for the video files

(THIS would definitely be worth a donation ... )

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#2 : 02/01-14 15:10
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You mean you have a mix of videos and photos added to Advanced Renamer and you want to handle them differently based on their extension? Instead of that I would recommend you to run it as two batches, one for videos and one for photos. When adding files you can use an extension mask *.jpg to select all and only add the images.

I think making an extension filter on the method itself is complicating things a lot.

02/01-14 15:10