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#1 : 31/12-13 16:31
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It would be great to make groups of some renaming methods to cut the size of some complicated and long list of methods and make it easier to understand.

After adding 5 different replace methods user can group that under a name he/she desires. Groups can be expanded and collapsed and might include a comment field to further explain what it includes and does.

I have renaming process that includes more than 15 methods and it is not easy to see what is there and this idea struck me as simple and efficient improvement of this software.

Please consider it.

31/12-13 16:31
#2 : 02/01-14 15:08
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Did you know that you can right click the method title and click "Change Description". That way you can name the method something more descriptive.

02/01-14 15:08
#3 : 04/01-14 22:03
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yeah, i am aware of writing descriptions but still if you got more than 30 or more methods, finding the right description can be time consuming.

04/01-14 22:03