Where to find info how to move Files to a New Path

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#1 : 05/01-14 10:53
Ype Poortinga
Ype Poortinga
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I'm new to this product. and I'm investigating how to use AdvancedRenamer to order my (very large) Photolibrary

I happen to find info how to change the name of a file (even include GPS-tags!!! If I want to: Perfect)

I now also want to order to files in folders based on YearCreated (maybe even a subfolder Month Created). I saw a colom 'New Path' with is grayed out and I expect somewhere an possibility to move (or copy) the renamed file to the New Path.
However I cannot find the function to change the Path Name. Can you give me an hint?


05/01-14 10:53
#2 : 09/01-14 21:24
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:

You will have to change the batch mode to move (or copy) and change the output folder to your needs. Note, you can use tags in the output folder edit box.

For more information see this link:
http://www.advancedrenamer.com/user_guide/batch mode

09/01-14 21:24