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#1 : 06/01-14 13:42
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I am a newbie to Advanced Renamer but it seems a great prgramme. Can it help me sort out my HD full of unsorted images. I can rename the images by date and time by using other software but I would like for instance to move images from one folder to another so that they are in yearly/monthly folders. Ideally it would be great if Advance Renamer could date the images and then add a tag - for instance cars.....then move the images to another folder when you open the folder you see a list something like 2013 January, 2013 February
etc etc - I hope I have explained clearly -

06/01-14 13:42
#2 : 09/01-14 21:26
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer cannot change the Exif date/time and cannot add additional tags to it. But it can move or copy the files to a new location by using the batch mode move or copy.

09/01-14 21:26