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#1 : 22/01-14 19:05
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Is there a way to remove part of a file name WITHIN brackets?
ie, if I have file: Filename(123456789).zip and I want it to be Filename().zip (So that I can later just remove the () easily)... Is there a command to do this? (Specifically, I am looking to remove different strings in parenthesis and brackets of varyng lengths... [123] [12334] [553452323] and not all numbers. Some are symbols and some are letters...

22/01-14 19:05
#2 : 31/01-14 10:32
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Try to use the replace method and configure it like this:

Text to be replaced: \(.*\)
Replace with: ()
Use regular expressions: Checked
Apply to: Name

31/01-14 10:32