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#1 : 23/01-14 16:36
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what setting i must change/use:
i want every folder w/ name [..]xxx renamed to xxx[..]

pic: /r5xg.jpg
see the highlight in yellow, i want rename from "[Matra Milan] Omamori Himari" to "Omamori Himari [Matra Milan]

Try to use move method & swap method but failed (dunno why)..
i have hundred folders w/ name like that.. ==


23/01-14 16:36
#2 : 31/01-14 10:31
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Try to do this.

You will need to add the Add method and the Replace method and configure them like this:

Add method:
Add: [Substr:[:]>]
At index: 100000
Backwards: Unchecked
Use regular expressions: Unchecked
Apply to: Name

Replace method:
Text to be replaced: [*]
Replace with: LEAVE EMPTY
Occurrence: 1st
Use regular expressions: Unchecked
Apply to: Name

31/01-14 10:31