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#1 : 30/01-14 22:53
Melissa Hinkle
Melissa Hinkle
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Newbie here - reviewed the forum's posts, but couldn't find what I'm looking for. I have files in a source directory that I need to rename, then move to a different directory based upon staff names. I would like to be able to use the product to rename the move (or copy, not fussy which) to the new dir.

I pull data from our software into Excel to use for renaming structure. This is a very pared down version, because there are a lot of factors that go into renaming. The end result in Excel is something like this (the X's are unique acct numbers that have been redacted for this example):

Original New with Paths
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Todd.Smith\56456_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Mark.Doe\client_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Mark.Doe\49402-2_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Lisa.Doe\37672_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Todd.Smith\76974_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Mark.Doe\client2_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Lisa.Doe\client3_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Lisa.Doe\client4_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Lisa.Doe\client5_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Todd.Smith\client6_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Todd.Smith\client7_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Lisa.Doe\client8_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Lisa.Doe\60419_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf
XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf H:\FWA\2013_Tax_Packages\Lisa.Doe\36807-20_XXXX-XXXX_001_011614_1099R.pdf

Can this software do this, or am I just barking mad?? (or maybe both!!)

30/01-14 22:53
#2 : 31/01-14 08:30
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You need to remember that the values used for renaming has to be present in the filename (or metadata of the file if it is in a supported format).
I don't understand the transformation of the files completely. The first file, is it already located in the Todd.Smith folder? If no, the value Todd.Smith is not located anywhere and cannot be extracted for use automatically. Also the number in front of XXXX-XXXX in the new filename, wheres does that come from?

31/01-14 08:30
#3 : 31/01-14 14:37
Melissa Hinkle
Melissa Hinkle
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Reply to #2:
Thanks for the reply. No, the name is not already present in the filename, so that answer helps (even if it isn't what I wanted to hear!).

And the XXXX is the account number. That is how the file is already named. I add other info. for processing purposes.

I think I will just have to do them one 'person' at a time. At least the utility can help with the rename adding all the other info I use!

31/01-14 14:37