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#1 : 04/02-14 21:08
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hi, i noticed that

1> selecting a season auto select all episodes :
however should you want to (de)select only a few episodes you should click every single button
it would be nice to have a right click : select all or deselect all

2>when you have only a few episodes of "season 1" selected and then you select "season 2" all episodes from season 1 will be automatically reselected... nullifying your manually made changes.

3> request:
if you'd ever "retire" would you allow others to take over your project ?
this should also include accidental death (of course no once wishes this !)
but better safe then sorry

ps: small forum... lucky for ya no big requests :)

04/02-14 21:08 - edited 04/02-14 21:22