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#1 : 10/02-14 11:40
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I want to drop the 'Images' folder into AREN then rename all of the files inside the 'reduced' folders from filename1.jpg to filename1-reduced.jpg etc but i do not want to rename any of the files in the other/dated folders eg: \Images\2014-02-06 (do not rename files here), \Images\2014-02-06\reduced (rename files here)



Before rename:


After rename:



I'm using Photoshop automated script to bulk resize about 15,000 images into thumbnail preview size copy and place the thumbnail images into subfolders of the initial files parent folder. Photoshop automatically creates a sub folder named JPEG inside each parent folder of the resized images. Then i'm using AREN to rename the subfolders from JPEG to 'reduced', then rename the files inside the 'reduced' folders by appending -reduced to the filename, eg XXXXX-reduced.jpg

There are about 400 dated folders inside the Images folder each of which has a 'reduced' folder, i do not want to have to drop each individual 'reduced' folder into AREN one by one, argg annoying! And im not looking for an images/photoshop workaround to go about this, because there are other similar scenarios i would like to do this for other file extension types, which is why im looking for a 3rd party file renaming app solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for this awesome app!

10/02-14 11:40
#2 : 11/03-14 19:57
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Try a combination of pure DOS commands and ARen List feature


Load List
To load a list of files, click List -> Load in the toolbar or right click and choose Load List.
You can write the list in any raw text editor, save it and load it in the application.

To get such a list to load:

- open a DOS-Box commandline interpreter
- best change to the top folder with your files: "X:\Images"

- create the list by using such command:
dir /A-D /S /B | find /i "\reduced\" > ARENlist.txt

- open that ARENlist.txt with Aren as described above.
Now you should have the files from the wanted folders only.

(Note1: type 'dir /?' and 'find /?' into the DOS-Box to find out how that works)
(Note2: this may only work fine with standard english chars. For umlauts and accents
you have to utilize 'CHCP' first, or switch better instantly to PowerShell or VBS script)

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11/03-14 19:57