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#1 : 15/02-14 00:25
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I am trying to use the Windows task scheduler to run the program via command line. I am having trouble getting it to work and thought a list of example command line commands would be very helpful in making sure I got the syntax correct.

I have created and saved a method file COK-Drawing.aren which replaces some characters.
I tried executing >aren -e "COK-Drawing.aren" -t files -p "z:\" -m move -d "z:\Output"
It keeps popping up a window labeled "Add folder" to select the files or the folders, like the -t options is not working. Then after selecting that it opens the UI.
I want it to execute without user input. Can some one assist me with this?

Additionally, is any other information stored in the .aren file? Could it store the paths, and mode so basically the only parameter to run would be the aren file? I can see not putting those in it makes it usable universally, but I am trying to make a fixed template that is run over and over again the same way.

15/02-14 00:25
#2 : 17/02-14 08:41
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You will have to run arenc.exe and not aren.exe. The arenc.exe is the command line utility. Also, check out the command line utility configurator in Advanced Renamer (windowed version). It can help you set up a command line batch file.

17/02-14 08:41