When open AR automatically all files of a special folder already being inserted?

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#1 : 20/02-14 11:44
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Can one with a single click open AR already containing all the files of a defined folder in the "Rename files" tab?

Or, there is a folder with periodically changing content, different files to be renamed periodically. Is there a way to automate this so you could do it with a few clicks or one? E.g. the time stamps of these files shall be changed each time to one certain, always the same time stamp.

20/02-14 11:44
#2 : 23/02-14 09:50
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You can create a shortcut that opens advanced renamer with a specific folder. Like this: c:\program files\aren\aren.exe c:\temp\my_folder
This will allow you to add all files from that folder every time the shortcut is executed.

23/02-14 09:50
#3 : 23/02-14 11:50
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Thank you Kim,

Great, it works.

The shortcut properties: "I:\Advanced Renamer\ARen.exe" "I:\dummies"

But, can a avoid the window to be shown after clicking the shortcut: http://i.imgur.com/zRUBgt2.png

And when I want to start with a special preset, how could I make the shortcut to open AR having it already loaded?

Many thanks again

23/02-14 11:50
#4 : 15/03-14 19:07
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Yeah I looking exactly for the same!!!

15/03-14 19:07