Custom incrementing number for collision rule

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#1 : 06/03-14 21:01
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I'm looking for a way to define custom "Append incrementing number" for collision rule.
By default for for all duplicates incrementing number will be 001, then 002, 003, etc.

To have a compatibility with my current naming convention I'm using I would like:
- not to have any incrementing number for the first file
- add 1, 2, 3 to the next duplicates.

Is there a way to customize "Append incrementing number" collision rule?

I tried also to define Replace method where "001" would be replaced by "1", "002" by "2", but this can't work after changes proposed by collision rule.

Any known workaround or suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

06/03-14 21:01
#2 : 06/03-14 21:15
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Sorry. There is no way of doing that. 9 out of 10 people want to append an incrementing number to all the files in the batch.
If you want to change the names of files after the collision rule, you will need to add the files again and run a new set of batch methods.

06/03-14 21:15
#3 : 07/03-14 10:09
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Thank you for the quick answer (and a great tool).
This is exactly how I solved the problem: I created command line batch that is executing two set of rules. In result I achieved a naming convention I wanted.

07/03-14 10:09