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I just came across this software and it's great (really capable) but I was wondering if somebody can help me with one issue. I often rename files that contain polish characters ( ąźĘŹĆŚół, etc. ). Is there a way to apply any of the java scripts to do this? I found couple of such scripts but I can't to make them work.
Here's exampe:

'use strict';

var mongoose = require('mongoose'),
Schema = mongoose.Schema,
ObjectId = Schema.ObjectId,
PluginUpdatedAt = require('./plugin_updated_at');

module.exports = function (app) {

var Article = new Schema({
title: { type: String, trim: true },
title_urlized: { type: String, validate: /[a-zA-Z0-9\-]/, required: true, unique: true },
created_at: { type: Date, default:, required: true, index: true },
external_url: { type: String, validate: [/^https?:\/\//i, 'Incorrect URL'], required: true, trim: true },
summary: String

Article.path('title').set(function (v) {
var reps = {
ę: 'e',
ą: 'a',
ś: 's',
ł: 'l',
ż: 'z',
ź: 'z',
ć: 'c',
ń: 'n',
Ę: 'E',
Ą: 'A',
Ś: 'S',
Ł: 'L',
Å»: 'Z',
Ź: 'Z',
Ć: 'C',
Ń: 'N',
' ': '-'

if (!this.title_urlized) {
this.title_urlized = v.replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9\-]/g, function (c) {
return reps[c] || '';

return v;

return Article;


or yet another one:

String.prototype.escapeDiacritics = function()
return this.replace(/ą/g, 'a').replace(/Ą/g, 'A')
.replace(/ć/g, 'c').replace(/Ć/g, 'C')
.replace(/ę/g, 'e').replace(/Ę/g, 'E')
.replace(/ł/g, 'l').replace(/Ł/g, 'L')
.replace(/ń/g, 'n').replace(/Ń/g, 'N')
.replace(/ó/g, 'o').replace(/Ó/g, 'O')
.replace(/ś/g, 's').replace(/Ś/g, 'S')
.replace(/ż/g, 'z').replace(/Ż/g, 'Z')
.replace(/ź/g, 'z').replace(/Ź/g, 'Z');
// przykładowe wykorzystanie:
var test = new String("ąźĘŹĆŚół");

or this script:

function clearDiactricts(input:String):String {
    var pattern:RegExp = /ó/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"o");
    pattern = /Ó/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"O");
    pattern = /ł/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"l");
    pattern = /Ł/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"L");
    pattern = /ń/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"n");
    pattern = /Ń/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"N");
    pattern = /ż/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"z");
    pattern = /Ż/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"Z");
    pattern = /ź/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"z");
    pattern = /Ź/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"Z");
    pattern = /Ć/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"C");
    pattern = /ć/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"c");
    pattern = /ę/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"e");
    pattern = /Ę/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"E");
    pattern = /Ś/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"S");
    pattern = /ś/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"s");
    pattern = /ą/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"a");
    pattern = /Ą/g;
    input = input.replace(pattern,"A");
    return input;      

08/03-14 02:53
#2 : 11/03-14 13:43
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Hi Peter,

the script are fine, but you have to simplify them and use only the needed parts, like:

Paste this into Advanced Renamer Script Method
( d_script)

newname =;
newname = newname.replace(/a/g,'X');
newname = newname.replace(/c/g,'B');
newname = newname.replace(/d/g,'Z');
// and so on...

return newname;

newname >>>is just a variable name, you could use just "nn" or "Peter" too. >> is ARens Variable to provide the current processed file name (start typing 'item.' to see more)
.replace(/ findthis /flag, "replacement"); >> is a common JavaScript method.
Flags here can be "g" for global, means replace all instead of first occurrence only,
and "i" for ignore case (a==A), (and "m" for multiline makes no sense here)
return >>> is a ARen directive and a JavaScript keyword to return the calculated result of this function.


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#3 : 13/03-14 00:26
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Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the reply, but I still can't make it work. My knowledge about scripting is very limited.
Can you post full code example "ready to go"?
For example to remove the Ä and Å and � charcter from the string or any other "weird" characters.

Thank you in advance.

13/03-14 00:26
#4 : 13/03-14 08:08
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Reply to #3:
>>>For example to remove the � and � and � charcter from the string or any other "weird" characters.

That is a fully working script

Just replace:
newname = newname.replace(/a/g,'X');

With your chars like:
newname = newname.replace(/Ã?/g,'Ã?');

If this doesn't work, it maybe because of not support unicode characters.
Since I don't use unicode and I don't see your posted chars (only "garbage"
due to wrong webpage encoding) I am afraid I am not of great help here.

Try to find a working standalone script which works for your issue
and we will try to move that to an AdvanceRenamer Script for you.

If I find something fitting, I will repost too.


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13/03-14 08:08
#5 : 13/03-14 08:12
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Reply to #4:



I have modified JS code and pressed [Apply Script] and it doesn't did anything.

At many tries I realised that the Script Method was not enabled. :D

So there is room for improvement. Maybe show a message in
that case like "No effect, Method is disabled", or just disable
that button too if the whole Method is disabled.

If this tool had saved you time, perhaps you want to donate an Dollar to Kim?
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13/03-14 08:12