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#1 : 09/03-14 14:07
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It would be great if your program supported the following extensions for renaming tags in:

MP4 & M4A


09/03-14 14:07
#2 : 09/03-14 15:30
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Both MP4 and M4A are generally readable by Advanced Renamer. They are recognized as both music and video files. Though some encodings of these formats might not be supported yet. There are far too many music and video formats out there so I am dependent on third party implementations, which are linked into the program.

09/03-14 15:30
#3 : 05/11-14 16:57
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I just tried to move several m4a files to antother folder structure by usig the Music Tags like this :
<ID3 Artist> - <ID3 Title> - <ID3 Year>
Unfortunately Advanced Renamer does not read the m4a meta data like the mp3 metadata - so called tags.

Advanced Renamer shows the error "No ID3 TAG found". I assume the m4a TAG support is not available or limited, or I dont know how to apply it :)

Thank you for your help

05/11-14 16:57