Log that keeps track of file name changes?

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#1 : 18/03-14 23:28
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This is a bit of a strange questions. I have to quantify images gathered from science experiments. In order to eliminate bias I have to blind myself to the experimental conditions of every image, which is contained in the name. I figured out how to randomly change the names. However, I need to keep track of the names changes in order to make sense of the study after I am done quantifying the images. Is there a function that will dump the results of the name change into file or a log that I can save?

Thanks in advance.

18/03-14 23:28
#2 : 19/03-14 21:38
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You can only do that by using the command line utility. It can output the name changes into a log file.

See: http://www.advancedrenamer.com/user_guide/comma ndline

Also notice the command line configurator in the Programs menu.

19/03-14 21:38