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#1 : 19/03-14 22:36
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Could you either add a right click or an icon which opens the folder in windows explorer the file selected is in or the set of files you are working on is in.

Sometimes, if I am doing bulk file naming updates, there are odd files left over with a syntax which is slightly different from the rest resulting in the renamed file not being correct. In such a case, and if there are only a small number, I find is easy to go to the folder in windows explorer and rename the files manually; as opposed to changing the parameters of the file renaming profile.

It would be a lot simpler to be able to go direct to the source folder for the files in question.

Great product by-the-way. I use it all the time to rename my media files after I have imported or downloaded them so that they all have the same standard format so that media players can read them easily. This task would be completely impossible to do manually without your great tool - Thanks.

19/03-14 22:36
#2 : 21/03-14 15:51
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Your request has been noted on my todo list. It is pretty easy to accomplish, so you should expect to see that feature in an upcoming release.

21/03-14 15:51