How to change Time Stamp using Exiftool value

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#1 : 20/03-14 07:48
Ankur jain
Ankur jain
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hi, i want to change my document ModifiyDate as CreateDate ? how is it possible...?? when i change using TimeStamp it will change in file Property not in Metadate... i am try to this with following script but it said script is wrong? please tell me what is correct script...

var date= item.exifToolValue(CreateDate);
return item.exifToolValue(ModifyDate)+ date;

20/03-14 07:48 - edited 20/03-14 07:51
#2 : 21/03-14 15:47
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you try to change exif meta data you are out of luck. It is not possible to change the content of files with Advanced Renamer. The only time values that can be changed are the file level Modified, Accessed, and Created timestamps. They can all be changes using the Timestamp method.

21/03-14 15:47