Time Shift (non-EXIF-files)

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#1 : 08/04-14 06:44
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I'd like to redate (modified date) a number of files

a. current modified date minus 1 day
b. current modified time plus 40 minutes

Maybe this cud be a new option or am I overlooking a feature?

Current 'timeshifting-tools' are mostly handling exif-like files (photos).

Keep up the good work!


08/04-14 06:44
#2 : 10/04-14 07:26
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You can use the timestamp method and use the "Delta date and time" option. When selected you can define the amount you want to skew the timestamp of the file.

http://www.advancedrenamer.com/user_guide/metho d_timestamp

10/04-14 07:26
#3 : 14/04-14 16:00
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Ah! Thanks.
Have to confess: I was already in 'Delta date and time' but did not give it a try by adding numbers in the boxes, not being sure what about the effect :-)
Ahum ..
Thanks again!

14/04-14 16:00