Advanced Renamer blocked by F-secure anti virus - why?

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#1 : 20/04-14 14:36
Thomas Henden
Thomas Henden
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I just installed this program, because I have a complicated renaming task which I will ask about in a separate posting.

But first I need to ask why my anti virus program, F-secure (Deepguard) blocks this program because it thinks it is "harmful"?

Is it safe to use? I downloaded it from which looks like the legitimate website.

20/04-14 14:36
#2 : 21/04-14 18:22
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It's a false positive wich you can read more about here: /html/what.false.positive.html

The software has no viruses, adware or spyware. Try to make an exception to the software in your AV settings, and contact F-Secure to let them know it is detecting it. The more that people submit false positives to their AV company, the better it makes the AV software.

Though, in my opinion, I've heard of a ton of AV products but never F-Secure. I looked a little more at it, personally I would junk it and go with Symantec. McAfee is a great tool too, but expect a system slowdown.

Stay away from anything Saas!!!

21/04-14 18:22
#3 : 22/04-14 21:28
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I have stumbled upon F-secure from time to time and have found it to alert with false positives all the time. I don't like to say that you shouldn't use certain software, but f-secure seems to be pretty bad in my opinion.

Antivirus programs are generally bad. The manufactures of antivirus are not interested in removing viruses from the internet. They want users to be afraid of computer viruses so they can sell more protection. It is sad that there is a need for antivirus programs.

22/04-14 21:28