How to rename digital pictures folders to another date format?

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#1 : 20/04-14 14:43
Thomas Henden
Thomas Henden
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I have a complicated renaming problem.

When importing/downloading pictures from my digital camera, as well as telephone, I regret what settings I previously have used, eg. the folder names are on the form 03_05_2013 and I want them to be on the form 2013_05_03 which would make the folders easy to sort in Explorer, after dates, eg. 2013_01_01 will be first and 2013_12_31 will be last.

In some instances I will also need to replace - with _ in the filenames as well.

Can I batch rename folders with Advanced Renamer, like this? Please remark that I don't want to rename other than according to filename, as the file dates changes every time files are copied and/or modified.

I guess the instructions I need to give is something like replace - with _ and move AA_BB_CCCC to CCCC_BB_AA somehow.

20/04-14 14:43
#2 : 21/04-14 15:21
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Reply to #1:

Not sure if the 03 or 05 is the month, but you can swap things around to your needs.

Text to be replaced: (\d\d)_(\d\d))_(\d\d\d\d)
Replace with: \3_\1_\2
OR (depending on your format)
Replace with: \3_\2_\1
Use regular expressions: Checked


Replace - with _
Select replace rule and mention you want to replace - with _

In a situation like this, do one step at a time and see the live preview before you actually execute.

As far as time, there is an option to leave the origial time/date in place instead of the modified/created time.

Did it work for you?

21/04-14 15:21