Import TVShow date into timestamp directly

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#1 : 22/04-14 11:35
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I need the 'Changed date' timestamp to be set to the airdate of tvshow.

Now I need to do this in in two runs (three steps):

- 1st run: Import <TVShow Day><TVShow Month><TVShow Year> into the filename.

- Refresh the filelist with the new filenames

- 2nd run: get the change date from the filename and then remove the now unwanted airdate from the filename again.

It would be great if you could the <TVshow> parameters directly into the timestamp. Or combine the two runs by refreshing the filenames in a step in between.

22/04-14 11:35
#2 : 03/07-17 12:34
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Reply to #1:

I have encountered the same problem. Is there already a solution or a workaround?

03/07-17 12:34