Feature request: Replace with Regular Expression

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#1 : 30/11-08 13:50
Martin de Liefde
Martin de Liefde
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Hi Kim,

I really like Advanced Renamer. The only thing I am missing is a replace method that takes regular expressions. How about that?

kind regards,

30/11-08 13:50
#2 : 11/12-08 19:06
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I might consider it for one of the upcoming releases.

11/12-08 19:06
#3 : 10/12-09 11:34
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That would be an improvement on an almost perfect product, I'd also like to see this functionality in an upcoming version.
Or is there already a way to match e.g. any number and such things? Maybe adding an escape character for numbers might be a good first step :)

Thanks for a really great free program

10/12-09 11:34