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#1 : 28/04-14 13:19
Ana Porto Lopez
Ana Porto Lopez
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How can I import my batch methods? in an older version I had a button named "batch" where I had all the batch methods I created (they were in a folder under the program in the C: disk), but in this new version I can't find the way to put my batch methods and I must charge everyone everytime I need one of them!

28/04-14 13:19
#2 : 30/04-14 21:33
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On the left "Renaming method list" panel
you will find buttons to "Save Method List" and to "Load Method List".
Just hover the mouse over the buttons to find the right button.

Once loaded one time, you can select the different batch lists
from the Method List--"Presets" drop-down box.

- - -

The Method Lists itself are stored in the "BatchMethods" sub folder of the AdvancedRenamer folder.
You can copy these *.aren files to another AdvancedRenamer installation to use them there.


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