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#1 : 12/05-14 19:30
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After file names are loaded into AR, Is to possible to manually edit a file name from the AR display window?
This feature will be useful in the following context:
Suppose a method is created which converts all file names except one or two. These one or two files might have been left out by AR, because the search pattern used in the method does not precisely match with the file name. Instead of modifying the search pattern to include these two files(risking possible side effects), it will be easier to manually rename these two file names.
Is this feature available in AR now?
If not, Is it possible to incorporate it?

12/05-14 19:30
#2 : 14/05-14 07:06
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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That is not possible in a dead easy manner. But you can use the List method and only fill out the lines representing the files you need to rename manually. If you have a list of files and you want to change the name of item 5 to something manually, you can add the List method to the bottom of the method list and put in a name in line 5, leaving the other lines blank. Remember the List method must be the last method in the list of methods.

I know this is not the most user friendly way to do this.

14/05-14 07:06
#3 : 15/05-14 08:39
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Thank you.. I will try this method.
I am using another work-around now which also is not entirely satisfactory.
I select the file to be renamed manually and right click on it. Windows File property menu comes up and there I change the name. The file name gets changed, but AR gives an error message stating that the "file is not found".
Reloading the files removes the error message.
Thanks again

15/05-14 08:39