Problem with Date Taken in image files

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#1 : 25/09-10 18:07
Larry Cupitt
Larry Cupitt
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The Date Taken shown in Advanced Renamer does not match the Date Taken shown in Windows Explorer. It also does not match the Date Taken shown in Photoshop Elements 8 or any other date shown in the EXIF data in Photoshop Elements. For a file with a Date Taken time of 9:16 am, Advanced Renamer shows a time of 13:16. I did use Photoshop Elem. to reset the Date Taken data for pictures from a recent trip (camera times were off). Renaming the files to show date / time taken has the same wrong values that show up under the Date Taken listing.

25/09-10 18:07
#2 : 28/09-10 18:58
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I have had a hard time making the date taken value correct. I try to compensate for time zones and daylight saving times and I thought I was successful, but apparently I was wrong. Can you send the picture to me by email? It is easier for me to try and correct it if I have some samples.

28/09-10 18:58