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#1 : 23/05-14 12:22
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I use ARen to rename pictures. Great software!! Many Thanks.

I came now across a problem were I need to rename pics and add also a interval number. I need to have the first batch start with "1" and the steps/interval should be "+2" which should in result give "1", "3", "5"........, and the next batch start with "2" and steps/interval should be "+2" leading to "2", "4", "6"...........

When bringing the pics into one folder the sorting ascending should bring "1", "2", "3", "4".........

Used to have slides and using 2 projectors alternating. After scan box "1" and rename I get 1 to 50 and box 2 also 1 to 50 or 51 to 100. The goal is to bring all of them in a sequential order.

Therfore, I would like to see the feature to freely choose the start No. and the interval myself.

Can you help?

Kind regards

23/05-14 12:22
#2 : 27/05-14 12:45
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Reply to #1:

I fear I do not fully understand what you are after.

Can you make yourself more clear please?

Best provide some before/after examples.

- - -

Generally spoken, I would say, take your "first batch" and and add a numbering: default

<Inc Nr:X:Y> Will insert an increasing number starting with X and up.
Default value for X is 1.
Y can be used to define the stepping of the increasing number. When used like <Inc Nr:1:2> the results will be 001, 003, 005, 007 etc.

Then do the same with your second batch of files.


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27/05-14 12:45