Explorer context menu doesn't work

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#1 : 01/06-14 00:01
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Sorry, but when I check the "Explorer context menu" box in options settings it doesn't work in my computer, windows 8.1.
I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong or not.
Of course I close and restart the program, and when I try to use the context menu in an file or a folder a mesage of error appear:

Could not open Advanced Renamer

It doesn't matter if the program it's open or closed...

Thanks in advance.

01/06-14 00:01
#2 : 09/06-14 17:28
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Wonderful program. I use it many month ago, and no bad thing discovered in it.

Last week an hardware crash forced me to change my hard drives and to have a new install of seven x64. Of course, AR is updated, and a full installation is made.

I use Directory Opus 11 (better than Explorer).

Each times I try to launch mutilple files to rename them by context menu, a little error window opens, saying "Could not open Advanced Renamer", at .

I looked for a path error, but nothing...

I do not really know what happens to run a command from the context menu, so I could'nt do further investigations...



09/06-14 17:28