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#1 : 08/06-14 08:03
Johan Johansson
Johan Johansson
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I have a couple of suggestions for feature requests. I'll post them in different threads for searchability.

#1. How about adding the option to rename subtitles along with video-files? Often you have files like:
S01E02....And so on
When using TV Show Import you only want to use the video files to match the tv guide listing (so you see the number of video files you have match the number of episodes in the season). But when you start to rename the files you want the subtitles to be renamed along with each video file.

Maybe this is achievable by scripting, but since it's a common task it would be good with a separate option for it.


08/06-14 08:03
#2 : 10/06-14 02:40
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I have got this request several times but have not yet found a good solution for the problem. The solution has to be easy to use to be truly valuable. If I find a good way to implement this feature, I will make it right away.

10/06-14 02:40
#3 : 07/07-14 19:52
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Reply to #2:

Here's one way to make it easier. On the List method, change the Populate List button to give us a choice between the Original Filenames and the New Filenames.

Currently, I change the Video Filename with the appropriate methods. After that, I have to drag and drop the Video files back into Advanced Renamer, populate the List method with the new names, clear the File Window, drag and drop the Subtitles files into Advanced Renamer, and execute the List method. Just reading the process is tiresome.

With my change, the process would be far less cumbersome. Once you set up the appropriate methods for the Video Files, you could use the improved List method to save the New Filenames. After you execute your changes on the Video Files, drag the Subtitle Files into the file window and execute the List method on them.

07/07-14 19:52