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#1 : 20/07-14 18:31
Jim Considine
Jim Considine
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Advanced Renamer is an incredible program.
I have used it a zillion times to standardize my music files. Here's my quandary. I use WinAmp for my music collection. (I'm hoping that someone will buy the program). Once I have fixed any issues with a music file name, then I have to make the same corrections manually in WinAmp. I realize that I could use the file name in instead of the title name to identify music in WinAmp. Unfortunately, when I do this, I bring with it the manually numbering I have added with Advanced Renamer.
The dumb question is, "Can Advanced Renamer" alter the title as it alters the file name? I realize that the smart answer is to stop being so anal, but as Popeye sez, " I yam what I yam".
Thank you for your work and vigilance in keeping this program top notch.

20/07-14 18:31
#2 : 21/07-14 15:05
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I often get requests about using the same technology from Advanced Renamer to make a new program or an extension to Advanced Renamer which allows altering of ID3 tags in MP3. I want to focus my work on the file level attributes and not extend the program to do more stuff that alters the content of the files themselves.

21/07-14 15:05
#3 : 19/12-14 23:21
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There's probably no need to re-invent the wheel here; there are tons of programs that already do what you're looking for. I think both MediaMonkey free edition and foobar player have the ability to tag files based on their names. I'm sure they aren't the only ones, but they're the ones I know of offhand.

MediaMonkey is one I really like, it also allows you to do things like select a group of files in an unnamed folder, and look up what album they are, so it can do things like add artist/title/cover to a group of files named "track1, track2, track3" as long as they're in album order and the "correct" lengths.

19/12-14 23:21