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#1 : 22/07-14 04:11
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I seem to be able to modify the "Created Date" but not the "Date Taken". They are different.

I have a batch of photos that were taken with a camera with the date set incorrectly. I would like to use the incorrect date and "add" an offset to correct the date(s) whilst preserving the time and the "date order" they were taken .Is it possible to do this?

Any help appreciated.


22/07-14 04:11
#2 : 27/07-14 18:15
Tom Isacson
Tom Isacson
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To adjust the Created Date, Accessed Date, and Modified Date. Use the Timestamp command and select Delta date and time. Then enter the amount to change and enter zeros in the other fields.

To adjust the Date Taken you may want to try EXIF Date Changer at:

27/07-14 18:15
#3 : 29/07-14 04:21
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Thanks for that.

Although Exif date changer does not indicate which if the (many) dates it will change it does seem to change the 'Date Taken'

29/07-14 04:21
#4 : 15/08-14 09:35
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Personally, I think Attribute Changer ( is by far... the best and certainly the easiest one.

a) file tab : all 'No Changes
b) Picture tab: do changes there
c) run simulation if required.

Good luck!


15/08-14 09:35