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#1 : 03/10-10 08:12
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I have tried to rename several jpg image files ie ap510598.jpg to something easier ie K0050.bmp etc and i see an column maked error and have tried rename methods but still see the error.However,i managed to do one but all i see in the image folder is a white box with no image only the renamed file name.

The files are not corrupted and sometimes i see 'extension changed' message.

Obviously, i am doing something wrong but cannot figure what.Please advise

03/10-10 08:12
#2 : 07/10-10 20:31
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You cannot just rename a jpg file to a bmp file. That will not work. Jpg and bmp files are stored in different formats and will not read correctly when not named accordingly.

07/10-10 20:31