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#1 : 05/10-10 14:14
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Hi Kim,

This is a great app!

One feature I would really like to see is the ability to rename a file using date created and referencing a start date so that you could create temporal names.

For example my wife is pregnant and i have been taking photos of her each to week to see the baby's growth. would love to be able to name each photo by the number of days or weeks since the start of the pregnancy.

There woud be many other uses as well.

05/10-10 14:14 - edited 05/10-10 14:15
#2 : 07/10-10 20:32
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Hi Bruce

I don't think I will make that feature. I can see the need for it but I think too few people will use it. An easy to use user interface is also hard to do for such a feature. So I am gonna pass on this one, sorry.

07/10-10 20:32
#3 : 06/11-10 04:04
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This feature would be great to track the age of your baby as you keep taking pictures while its growing up...

You might have an angle here to make a for-sale version of AR, with a well defined customer base and a narrowly targeted area to advertise: parenting sites

I mean, I think its great you're letting everybody have your software for free, but this might be a way to get some cash reward for all the effort and support you're giving.

For the Parents version, you could move most of the sophisticated custom renaming functions off the main screen, and just give a few simple options like
"Baby John - 2 Years 5 Months - <Date+Time Taken>.JPG"

Well, just an idea to mull over ;-)

06/11-10 04:04
#4 : 07/11-10 19:44
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If this app should be developed it should be very dedicated to this one purpose. I will use the next couple of weeks to think about how such a program could be developed and about if I want to do develop it.

07/11-10 19:44