Remove periods from abraviations

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#1 : 27/08-14 06:46
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I'm trying to use a regular expression to remove the periods from 2 character salutations
ie: Dr. Ms. etc

I have tried using \w\w. and also \w\w\.
and replace with \1\2 but all this does is remove 2 character words from the filename. does anyone know what syntax I should use for this expression


27/08-14 06:46
#2 : 29/08-14 13:52
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Reply to #1:
The following regular expression can be used
Find (\w+)\.\s*(\w+)\.\s*(\w+)\.\s*(\w+)\.\s*
Replace with $1 $2 $3 $4
Note: The \s* is to take care of the cases where you may have a one or more spaces after the period

If you want only two letter words to be removed(ie you do not want to remove something like xxx. this regex can be used

Find (\w\w)\.\s*(\w\w)\.\s*(\w\w)\.\s*(\w\w)\.\s*
Replace with $1 $2 $3 $4


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