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#1 : 03/09-14 12:55
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I'm new to the software. From overview it seems great however, I followed directions for replacing part of the file name but, it doesn't seem to work.
My .pdf-s are named:
11111_NO P-U Date_aaaaaa.pdf
2222_NO P-U Date_bbbbbb.pdf

I'm entering Text to be replaced: <NO P-U Date>
Replace with: <UNKNOWN>

When I hit start, files disappear from the list and below states - successful but, the name remains as before.
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!

I figured it out!
For all who may run in similar problem:
Just like someone in the forum already has said:
"literally" just put what you want to replace and what you want to replace with, without any signs, etc.

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#2 : 03/09-14 15:40
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Reply to #1:

Great you figured it out yourself.



Just to make this clear:

that "<>" signs are use by ARen, other then in DOS shell command line,

for his special tags, like <Name> and <Ext>

See default


However, I think this positive "Renaming message: Errors found: 0" is misleading.
There should be a prompt like "<UNKNOWN> not know as a valid AR tag"




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