Add date/time prefix to Outlook .msg e-mail

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#1 : 05/09-14 21:51
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I wish to add a date/time prefix to an Outlook .msg e-mail, where the date/time is the date/time that the e-mail was received. Note that the desired date/time is NOT the Windows file system's created, modified, or accessed date/time, but instead is a date/time value that is embedded within the .msg file.

For example, for an e-mail named "Hello Daniel" that was received on March 30, 2014 at 9:12 AM, I want the new filename to be "20140330 0912 Hello Daniel".

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to do this, or whether or not this is possible with AdvancedRenamer (or other tool)? Does AdvancedRenamer support the creation of custom scripts by which I might accomplish my goal?

05/09-14 21:51
#2 : 12/09-14 22:48
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If that "".msg file"" is a plain text file, and the timestamp can be found by a specific pattern,
then you can write a JavaScript rule to extract that date and use this to rename the file.

I think I have read this wish more than once on the net alreay, .... just g00gle a bit to find
a solution and an algorithm to write such a script.


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12/09-14 22:48