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#1 : 06/09-14 11:46
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So I've got another one for you. The titles I am working with have dates in numerous formats but I would like them all to resolve to the format (yyyy-mm) or alternately (yyyy mm-dd)

The date starts in many formats
ie: mm-yyyy
mm yyyy
yyyy mm
Jan 15, 2014
15 January 2014
among other formats.

I would like to get rid of all the text dates and have them converted to digit dates in the specified format instead.
Is there a better, more efficient way to do that?

Sometimes there are year ranges in the format yyyy-yyyy in the same list of files and I want the method which will create the aforementioned format to not interfere with these dates.

Right now I am using about 35 different methods (maybe more) to accomplish this but If there is a way that I can more efficiently do it like the volume resolution method you showed me I would absolutely love that. Right now some of the batch methods I am using have upwards of 300 methods in them so it takes a while to load if I want to load a different group of methods because there are so many methods in them even though I am using a SSD for my OS and the batches are also stored on a SSD.


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#2 : 12/09-14 22:52
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Me think. such work can be better accomplished with a scripting language.

Try Advanced Renamers' JavaScript rule.

Therefore you have first to develop some rules in English words what's to do:
- search for x and do y
- but not if a is like b
- ...

With that info you can try to write (or ask for) a script.

There is already a script somewhere in the forum to change '01' to 'Jan' (or was it the other way around?)


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