Deduct 2 hr from the modified date

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#1 : 09/09-14 11:23
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Hi All,

I am trying to do the following.

change the file name according to the Modefied Date YYYDDMM_HHMMSS

Until now I had no issue and it works perfectly

but i would like to deduct 2 hr from the HH

meaning if the hour is 16:00 HH = 16
i would like to make it 14:00 HH = 14

(images were taken from my camera, but i forgot to change the time according to the local time )

Many Thanks in advance

09/09-14 11:23
#2 : 12/09-14 22:32
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Reply to #1:

I would first correct the exif meta data.
Take a look at the exiftool.exe (command line tool) for that.

Then you can add exif date taken to filename by d_add
with <ExifTool:VALUE> advanced

or with image

- - -


With additional steps you can perhaps also use the GUI for your issue:

1. set file creation date to exif date
2. change file date by a delta d_timestamp

3. add timestamp to filename by d_add
with datetimecreated

Tell us how it goes... 

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