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#1 : 11/09-14 15:52
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I'm trying to rename over 40,000 image files for my company's new website, but they all have to keep their product code name that they came with originally, with only an added number 1 afterwards. So far, I can't find any programs to do this, and seeing how I'd already downloaded the Advanced Renamer, I was wondering if it could do it. So far, I've not had any luck, it'll only renname the entire file. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

11/09-14 15:52
#2 : 12/09-14 22:21
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It's always a good idea to read the help of a app in use.

Maybe this will aid you: d_add

You can also ask for help by providing some before/after example names.


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12/09-14 22:21