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#1 : 22/09-14 15:22
John Pond
John Pond
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I have a bunch of files with variable length names.
I'd like to completely remove one or more parts of the file name (seperated by '.')


Old: part1.part2.part3.part4
New1: part1.part2
New2 part1.part3.part4

The parts are at variable positions so I can't specify start at x for y ...

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#2 : 22/09-14 21:59
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Take a look into the User Guide if you find some help there: d_newname

+ default
<Word:X> Will insert a word from the filename index by X.
Word are separated by values present in the word separator text field in the settings dialog.

+ ngs_renaming
Word separators
Some features work on the words of a filename.
Use this text field to change which characters are used to separate the words.


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