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#1 : 24/09-14 00:05
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I have filenames with a year somewhere in the middle. Ex: "My File (2014) Info.txt"

I would like to move the date to the end of the filename: => "My File Info (2014).txt"
The "Move" method is foreseen to move a substring of "Move Count" characters starting at "Move From".
Where "Move From"can be a Reg Ex.

But it doesn't work for my purpose. Indeed, "Move From" is the position of the last character matching the Reg Ex.
And I need the position of the first matching character. Indeed, I can only look safely for the date with a Reg Ex like \(\d\d\d\d\)

So, I don't see a simple solution... ?! Someone would have an idea ?

[EDIT] My best solution so far (although not perfect as I have some filenames with other parenthesis before the date)
"Move from" = ^[^\(]* after the last character before the first parenthesis
"Move count" = 6
"Move to" = .$ after the last character

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Stupid I am... I had to use the "Replace" method... with Reg Ex and <<back references>>:

Text to be replaced: ^(.*)( \(\d\d\d\d\))(.*)$
Replace with: $1 $3$2

Piece of cake :p

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