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#1 : 10/10-10 15:37
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Reference to earlier post concerning error message.I am still receiving an error message stating extension changed when renaming files.I like to rename several files ap5102098.jpg t0 ap5103098.jpg to K05050.jpg etc but see a message extension changed.Does it matter if the original file name is jpg or jpeg ?

10/10-10 15:37
#2 : 10/10-10 21:32
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If the original file extension i jpeg and you rename to jpg you will see that error message but it doesn't matter. Jpg and jpeg is two different names for the same thing. So in that case you should just ignore the error. The extension changed error message is also considered a soft error which means the extension change might be intentional and can be safely ignored.

10/10-10 21:32