Extension Changed Error Message -Part 2

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#1 : 11/10-10 20:05
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Thank you for previous reply and made a copy of the folder of the batch of jpg image files i want to rename and renamed them and received a message ( when i clicked the batch rename box ) extension changed and files may become unuseable and i clicked ok.I opened the copied folder and all i saw were a collection of white boxes with the renamed files and i had to associate the files with graphic program i use.The images opened ok but it is very puzzling why i cannot see the resulting images instead of white boxes.Whether the images are corrupted in some way but i cannot see how as my graphic program opens them prior to renaming ok.You may say the Advanced Renamer has done its job but seeing a collection of white boxes in a folder is not very good too see. I will see, as an experiment, if i get the same problem with bmp images.Thank you for your patience in this matter.

11/10-10 20:05