Is it possible to create a series of custom names and then apply it to them all at once?

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#1 : 10/10-14 04:40
Bryce Eldridge
Bryce Eldridge
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My friend visits job sites where he has to take 75 photos of the same thing on different buildings.

Instead of having to rename those files each time, he's like to create a list of those 75 things, and then import them into a program where they are already numbered in the correct order, and apply the specific details to those 75 images.

So if he renamed all of the photos with the job site first, could he then create some sort of a custom layout that would allow him to apply those 75 names in order?

This would be the example of how the photos are originally imported :


He would want to change them so that he could add the state, specific job number (which I know the program does already), and the finally the series of names that follow his list. :

(State_Job Number_SpecificInfo):

Or does he have to manually write in the last field because they are ALL different things that are specific to each image?


10/10-14 04:40
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