How to repeat a number while renumbering? A question and request :)

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#1 : 12/10-14 13:53
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short description of the problem: I have approximately 100 video files (avi) in a folder with accompanieng 100 subtitle files (srt). My Videoplayer requires them to have the same name to play them together. Now i want them change there name, with a number to keep the order, but both avi and srt need to have the same number. I have not found a solution yet other than renaming both groups with the same pattern after another... My idear would be to have a "repeat" option in the numbering, so that the program uses the number 1 for example 3 times before changing to the 2 or jumping to the 5 because of the skip option.
Thanks for considering

12/10-14 13:53