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#1 : 16/10-14 17:15
jan de vriesz
jan de vriesz
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I am looking for a method that filters or sorts the new file names.

Let's say I have 5000 files, 50 of which get a name file name. I want to check them manually before I start the renaming process. Is there an option to either show only the files whose name changes or add a column that says filename changes yes/no.

Thank you

16/10-14 17:15
#2 : 19/10-14 12:47
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Reply to #1:

I have the same/similar question. I have a list of thousands of file names and I want to be able to rename groups of files without having to filter the list for the files to be renamed.

The files to be renamed will be segregated by default into a separate folder. I want to be able to apply the same list over and over with no modifications and have the tool just rename the source files that it finds from the list and ignore all others.

I find this tool so far has been very helpful!


19/10-14 12:47
#3 : 19/03-15 01:28
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Reply to #2: 5 months later and I guess it's a bit late but I have finally solved a similar problem with my own files. Just in case anyone else has a similar problem in the future, here's the solution I have started using...

For example - to move all rtf, doc and docx files to a specific folder:

First, introduce an error into all file names by adding an illegal character at the beginning of the name -

Add: ? at Index 0 (Apply to Name)

Second, match the names you want to pass and remove the illegal character -

Replace: (\?)(.*)(\.(rtf|doc|docx)$) with \2\3 (Apply to Name and Extension and use Regular Expressions)

Select Move and designate the folder.

Only files with the extension rtf, doc or docx will have the ? removed.

Now 'Start Batch' and simply ignore the errors. The files that pass the filter get renamed and moved into the designated folder, the rest get left behind, names intact.

You can, of course, manipulate the file names before, during, and after the above two steps.

19/03-15 01:28